Customer Intelligence

By utilizing the Customer Behavior Analytics Dashboard, you can monitor, trend and monetize user behavior and transactional data.

Understanding a customer’s relationship with your products is imperative when strategically planning tomorrow’s distribution and the development of new product offerings.

Rich Data Mining

Nobody makes it easier, faster, more flexible and efficient to process reports than NetworkIP. You can customize reports and gain a unique competitive advantage with the most relevant, effective data to run your business. Additionally, Odessi utilizes an advanced vertical database technology which provides industry leading, flexible data mining capabilities.

Powerful Tools and Custom Interface

The Odessi virtual desktop allows for various interface customizations for a more efficient user experience, with all settings saved for the user. Because application windows can be minimized and maximized, multiple tools can be used simultaneously without requiring the user to toggle between actual browser windows. Users can log in from any computer and their settings will be intact.

Reporting Features

  • PIN Export – allows users to encrypt PIN files with their own password and send the requested files directly to their printer at time of export.
  • PIN Liability – allows for the inclusion or exclusion of retail discounts and the ability to view used versus unused liability.
  • Retail Profit by Location – combines two retail reports into one, Gross Margin and Traffic & Profit; by combining these two reports, you can now view traffic by destination with After First Use Maintenance Fee (AFUM) Revenue allocated by destination.
  • Sales—Track the performance of each of your product types to keep a pulse on your business; Understand which products or plans are performing the best and which may need reevaluating.
  • Profitability – Get up to date reports tracking your commission.
  • Traffic – Pinpoint your most popular destinations to help target your marketing campaign, see where you are gaining traction and identify areas that need a more focused effort.
  • Retention – Monitor how loyal your customers are by how often they renew your products. Measure the consumer life cycle to help you create incentives for them to purchase more.
  • Call Time Distribution – shows the average retail call duration of product by destination. This report helps identify where fees can be applied with the least amount of customer impact.
  • PIN Life Cycle – shows the usage patterns of various products and current liabilities from activation to first-use to burn. This report helps you make important business decisions regarding product performance and downstream distribution.

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