Integration & Deployment

Whether you are looking for a turnkey solution or prefer to integrate with your existing infrastructure, NetworkIP can get you up and running quickly.

NetworkIP has developed an easy-to-use web portal to set up, brand, distribute, manage and sell PINless accounts at the retail level. Or, use an API integration to connect seamlessly with your existing systems.

Pinless Retail Portal

  • White-label solution, customized with your company‚Äôs look and feel
  • Mobile friendly, no in-store internet access required
  • Easily translate your site to any language
  • International Top-Up capabilities
  • Detailed reporting tools
  • Seamless billing integration
  • Reduce liability with credit limits and prepayment options
  • No product overhead or physical inventory to manage
  • Collect customer information for follow-up marketing campaigns
  • Product-based discounts to manage your profitability down to the individual store level

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